Building a company-2020 recap #3

For the start of the fresh year 2021, we decided to give you an update on what's been going on in Skosh's place. We do hope you're reading team updates as much as we're sharing them them!

What a year 2020 has been! Wow, really WOW!

We're not gonna cite all the things that happened last year, social media and news load do it daily anyway. Take a deep breath, this is a negativity-free space. Bad things that happened to this year. But we spent more than usual time at home which gave us an opportunity to introspect and think about stuff that really stuff. Note to mention it was also a decent time to free ourselves from

At Skosh, we also had lots of time to reflect our product and reflect the values we express. After our testing phase in September, we're gathered feedback from people who tried our product and were willing to share their views ('ge It was such a vison to see that we actually managed to touch your lives and you were willing to include Skosh in your cleaning program. After reading all answers one by one, analyzing and categorizing them, we discovered key points that should be improved. By our organic and eco-friendly formula, we I'll have to call on our country and made the changes you asked for.


Tablet interation. Old version on the left and new, "Version on the right"

Have you tried our tablets? Do you want to give us feedback? All the comments are highly appreciated, send us your thoughts!

Another news news ... oh wait ... Drum roll, please?

We now have an online shop! We started selling all our tablets-multipurpose, glass-cream mirror, and ...-on the web. What's more convenient and more than I'm gonna be a local startup? We prepare and send packages in our office with love and they come in a small, minimalistic, recyclable paper packaging you see below. But most, we finally received our sustainable and premium-cleaning services! They are now available on our online-store as well and will be. to you within 1-3 business days after your order. Order your Skosh products now, they're one click away!


Our sustainable cleaning, made from recycled, finally


By offering small cleaning tablets we have the waste from our live lives. Our first success was to reach the milestone of 1000 in the bundle! In the long term, it means saying "goodbye" to

We also teamed up with the art Sveeka Postcard for Christmas Giveaway on our Instagram page. Sveeka Postcard's post card's made of grass paper to spread joy and happiness through handwriting messages. The winner was December and she got 3 Skosh's cleaning tabs, 3 multi-purpose cleaning tabs, 3 ice cream & mirror cleaning tabs, and 6 Sveeka postcards. Congratulations again!


Skosh Christmas granting way

Missed our giveaway or didn't win? No, no! We'll soon have one more giveaway! Follow our Instagram account to be updated.

Of course, it wasn't only rainbows and butterflies for Skosh. We were supposed to receive and start the 'shinding' of 'Christmas', which is now before Christmas. ♪ Like our cleaning tablets, Skosh, firecrackers, ♪ ♪ ♪ They are practical, minimalistic, and made of 100% recycled paper. This is due to the 'pandemic' and 'border restrictions', the transport of a lot, than I do.

All in, we made it through and are now able to ship out all the pre-orders. And we are the every single of you who supported us in this journey. the year. It was a hard year for most of us. We couldn't travel, we lost our jobs, we got more things to worry about. But on the positive side, we also slowed down, stopped planning everything, and trying to be perfect. We spent more time with our loved ones and we started thinking about what we're about to do. If there's one-we're from 2020, it's that if we slow down and spend more time thinking about what's important in life, we'll see most of our voices and concerns in life were super-ficial and not that roota.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Stay safe,

Team Skosh.

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