Five things to have in a sustainable bathroom

Have you ever wondered what showers of the future would look like? How you could continue enjoying your nice and long showers without making a large imprint on the environment? 

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This week we have partnered with Orbital Systems! With new and innovative solutions, the Orbital Shower measures, cleans and reuses water while you shower, allowing you to save up to 90% water! In addition to this, the recirculating structure of the shower saves up to 80% energy, minimizing the impact on both the environment and your wallet. With the environment in focus, sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are important as well. This is where Skosh comes in, what we are offering is a product made out of recyclable plastic with a darker look and special coating to increase durability. The tablets are colored with biodegradable food coloring that won’t transfer to your surfaces.

Because we know and understand that sustainability is a process, here are five additional products to upgrade your bathroom piece by piece!

1. Bamboo toothbrush 

As we become more and more aware of our actions and their impact on the environment, we turn to sustainable, plastic free solutions. One of these solutions are bamboo toothbrushes.  These toothbrushes are made out of biodegradable, sustainably grown bamboo. Incorporating this in your home and bathroom minimizes the use of plastic products and the waste that comes with it. The toothbrushes are not only good for the environment but easy to get a hold of! They can be bought in pretty much any pharmacy and many online stores as well. The toothbrushes can be found here.

2. Shampoo & conditioner bars

Have you ever thought about how many plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles you have used throughout your lifetime? One simple way to cut down on this plastic waste is investing in some more untraditional options such as shampoo and conditioner bars. The bars are practical, allowing you to save on both packaging and the environment! Fias mode has made a comparison on the best shampoo bars on the market right now, you can read about it here.

shampoo bar

3. Solid soap

Continuing on the track above, another way to reduce the plastic waste you would normally produce in your bathroom is using solid soap bars instead of liquids. This alternative is completely waste free and could be a good alternative for your wallet as well, depending on which par you get! In addition to this, solid soaps require less energy to be produced, giving it another advantage compared to the typical liquid version. One example of a soap like this is by Fate in nature, you can find it here.

Faith In Nature Hand Made Soap Rosemary 100 g

4. Metal safety razors

If you’re sitting there thinking that giving up liquid soaps and conditioners might not be for you, this one might catch your attention. Metal safety razors. This, like the toothbrush swap, would not require you to sacrifice any step of your normal experience, making it the perfect swap towards a more sustainable bathroom routine. There are a few different brands and types to choose from, the one in the picture is from the brand Váli and can be found here! 

5. Natural cleaning products

Summing up the list, another thing you could incorporate in your bathroom is natural, eco-friendly cleaning products. One example of this is Skosh, of course, but there are also a few other alternatives such as DIY solutions to keep in mind. This is something which will be further expended upon in an upcoming post so keep your eyes open for that ;) 

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