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Do you remember the weird and unpleasant feeling you had last time you threw away a one-time-use cleaning bottle? With the help of our small and biodegradable cleaning tablet, you can simply reuse the spray-bottle you already have at home and drastically decrease your plastic waste! 😊


  • 3 x 3 Multi-purpose cleaning tablet refill pack: 9 tablets


  • No plastic waste
  • No toxic ingredients
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Wrapped in paper packaging


When choosing our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tablets you actively prevent the sale of one plastic bottle. If you have a bottle you can reuse at home then choose our refill tabs.

  • 3 tabs will leave you with 1,5 liters of cleaning liquid!


How to use GIF

Simply fill your bottle with 500 ml of tap-water. Warm water is preferable in order to accelerate the dissolution progress. Secondly, you just drop the tablet into the water and let it dissolve. After a couple of minutes, you can screw the nozzle back on and you are ready to clean as usual - but this time without plastic waste!


    The pack consists out of 3 x 3 Multi-Purpose tablets. The eco-friendly cleaning tablets are packed in a brown paper bag which can be recycled without any problems! Each tab is packed individually to protect it from external moisture and air.

    • After the tablet has dissolved in your bottle, you can use it on almost any surface in your home. We carefully developed the formula of the tablet so that the cleaning liquid has a high pH-level. This ensures that the cleaning solution is not too aggressive and perfectly cuts through grease and grime.
    • We recommend using the Multi-Purpose cleaner on the following surfaces: Kitchen countertops (granite, quartz, laminate, corian, formica), stovetops, range hoods, tile walls, sinks, stainless steel, and grills. Do not use on marble, natural stone or wood!

    How does it work? 

    It's as simple as 1-2-3, literally:
    1. Fill your reusable cleaning spray bottle with 500ml tap water.
    2. Drop in your Skosh cleaning tablet and let it dissolve for 5 minutes.
    3. Screw the nozzle back on and you are ready to clean, but this time without plastic waste!

    What are the tablets made of?

    The main active ingredients are food-grade citric acid, sodium (hydrogen) carbonate, anionic surfactants, pH-regulators, perfume, and stainless colouring. The amounts for each ingredient vary depending on the cleaning area.

    Skosh products are 100% vegan and biodegradable!

    How effective does it clean?

    Our cleaning products have undergone extensive tests and have been found to be very efficient and powerful! Each tablet (Multi-Purpose, Bathroom, and Glass & Mirror) has its own unique formula with optimised pH levels and ingredients for an efficient cleaning performance. It is our highest goal to produce cleaning products that are perfect for everyday use, which effectively remove everyday dirts while simultaneously protecting the environment. 

    Do the tablets have a fragrance/ scent?

    The Multi-Purpose cleaner has a flowery and spring-like scent.

    The Bathroom cleaner has a fresh lemon/ lime scent. 

    The Glass-& Mirror cleaner has a fresh scent of sea-breeze

    How long does one tablet lasts after it has been dissolved?

    You can use our cleaning tablets for at least 6 months after they have been dissolved without a reduction of the cleaning effect.

    Why Skosh cleaning tablets?

    With our sustainable cleaning tablets we reduce plastic waste, CO2 emissions and toxic ingredients from household cleaning products. The name Skosh originates from Japanese, meaning "a little bit", which supports our vision of making the world more sustainable one Skosh at the time. 

    If you want the learn more about the team, visit our About us page or our Sustainability page

    To search the full and comprehensive FAQ section, click Here.

      All our cleaning tablets are made from environmentally friendly ingredients that are not harmful to the environment and biodegradable. To optimize the cleaning efficiency, we were careful to create the optimal pH level needed for each tablet.

      General cleaning Tablets:
      • Ingredients: citric acid. sodium carbonate, anionic surfactant (5-15%), perfume, dyes
      Bathroom Cleansing Tablets:
      • Ingredients: citric acid. sodium bicarbonate, anionic surfactant (5-15%), perfume, dyes
      Glass & Mirror Cleansing Tablets:
      • Ingredients: citric acid. sodium bicarbonate, anionic surfactant (5-15%), perfume, dyes